Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Bay Area Robotics Startup UGOBE Attracting Attention

Attracting attention from angel investors, Bay area start-up UGOBE is being billed by some in the media as the Pixar of robotics. The company is raising funds to release its first product in September. With product development lead by Caleb Chung, the inventor of the Furby, the company hopes to release products that reinvent robotics.

UGOBE has developed a technology which it dubs the Robotic Reality Platform which allows for the development of robots that move and behave like living creatures. According to the company's white paper, "Balance, emotive gesture and multiple servo
coordination is inherently captured and translated into target robotic devices
extremely easily using UGOBE’s platform."

UGOBE products will focus on the toy and entertainment markets, but the company sees it developing into industrial and military realms as the technology matures.

For more information read the company's whitepaper.

via Robotics Daily