Sunday, May 08, 2005

Darpa Grand Challenge - Axion Racing

One of only seven vehicles to complete the qualifying rounds in the 2004 Grand Challenge, Axion Racing is back with their updated autonomous vehicle spirit. Unfortunately, during lat year's race the vehicle veered the wrong way out of the starting gate and was disable before it began the course. The team has been working at it since then and looks to have a strong contender. They just completed their site visit from DARPA to qualify for the 2005 race this October. A local TV news report about the new vehicle is available on their website.

Since CMU's Red Team seems to be getting all of the coverage, I intend to follow on all of the lesser known teams competing in this year's race.

A total of 118 teams are currently vying for 40 spots this October. DARPA is conducting site visits to all the teams to select the qualifiers. Some have estimated that as many as 7 or 8 teams may complete the race, meaning that we may have a true competition on our hands.